DAY 1 DEMO (limited ver.)!

Hey there!!!!

Here's Day 1 Demo but the limited version! I was unsure if I should show off all the available routes because of spoilers but let me know what you think!

PLEASE if you find any bugs or misspellings let me know! I tried to get them all but I'm pretty sure I missed some!

What's included in this demo is basically what you can expect from the final game! 

4.0 update includes:

  • Love & Lust Meters!
  • The island map!
  • Your backpack!
  • Texting/Phone!
  • NEW CG's
  • NEW BG's

Files 335 MB
May 23, 2020 351 MB
May 23, 2020

Get One Hell of a Week (DEMO)

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