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hey are you still working on this?


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oh yay just saw your message i saw no updates and worried but thank goodness when is the full game gonna be out?

Haha yeah ! There’s a reason for it ! There won’t be updates this month or the next. So in May we will make an update and let everyone know about the status of the game and give an actual release date :3 so look out for it in May! 

oh okay i will be waiting 

 May is here!!!


Yep! We made the update on the first XD. Release date is Sept 7 !

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I know this is yuri, but you just HAD to make the guy hot!!(sarcastic) My bisexual hear is hurting. Either way, good game.

LOL! ikrsorrynotsorry. Thank you! Glad you liked it <3

I'm sorry,but where is the update?

Due to the success of our kickstarter we are currently working on the full game. Any demo updates will come much later. Updates are currently limited as we are working on script and code. Once we have more artwork and music we will have more to show! Promiseeee! <3


It's realy cool, can't wait for future updates

Thank you! <3


I really liked the demo, can't wait to see more of the game!

Two things about your itch page through.. - where is the "yuri" tag? - I don't really get your "next update" thingy. Was it updated Sunday, or was the update delayed? Actually, could you please use version number? It's way easier to track when something is updated when a date/version number appear in the file name.

Thank you so much! <3

That's what I was forgetting! Totally forgot to put the "Yuri" tag! xD  Haha I moved the update to tomorrow mostly because it was convenient since we are launching the kickstarter that day (andbecauseIwasstilltryingtofigureouthowtoevenchangethenumberwhenit'supdated) thank you for the advice!!! <3

You are very welcome ! Thanks for taking my through into account ! And yay, update \o/


I like the music, the art is very good and the game itself is very funny. I'm very forward to playing the full version in the future. When will it be finished? And will the full version be paid?

Thank you so much! We are actually launching the Kickstarter tomorrow!

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Will the full game be paid? Because if it will, I can't play it 😭 


It's great. Artstyle is good. Music is good. Sprites are good. I want more xD

Thank you so much! <3


Very funny! Can't wait for full game

Thank you!! <3


good shit :')


;) I see u

ye u c me i c u 2 

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lmao this looks like it'll be fun from what I've played




i want cho

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same xD


This looks like it gonna be fun. The demo was a blast! Cho is definitely gonna be my first waifu~ :D Though its kind of hard to decide the characters are all so interesting and have their own charm. Certainly looking forward to this!

Thank you! xD Everyone loving Cho

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Heey! I really like the character of Abo, it's very hilarious. One thing that had me confused at the beggining was the genre of the main character, so until the second illustration with eva I was kind of uncertain. But probably it was only me   >_> Also Eva is so cute idk i want to do her route ♥

I really love it! You should keep going with this ♥ 


Hey! LOL Thank youu! 

Ah I gotcha maybe I should add a sprite for the protagonist so we know what they look like maybe? Thanks for the feedback! and glad you like Eva and Abo! <3 <3